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Who are we?

We aim to educate new growers on the basics of cannabis cultivation and to share additional advanced techniques and advice that build on those foundations. We are also creating a growing community that empowers cultivators of all stages to share knowledge and grow together. Building a lifelong learning attitude through cultivation and giving back to the local community.

What we do

Educate / Grow / Share Ideas

Grow Workshop

Our workshops have been designed to cater for beginners and intermediate growers, so whether you have always wanted to grow but just don't know where to start, or you have a bit or experience however, you feel like expanding your knowledge and taking things to the next level. Once you have attended a workshop you get access to the Cannabis Grow Club. As a member of the Cannabis Grow Club you get access to the community forum where you can get personal advice on how to fix it. Upload a pic or ask a question or if your plant is a monster we encourage you to share your tricks and advice with others so we all grow together effectively.

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